Purple mangosteen powder

Purple mangosteen powder


Purple Mangosteen Fruit Powder,the best of the queen of fruits made with 100% natural sweet pulps and organic ingredients. Mangosteen powder is best blended with other beverages for example mix 1-2 teaspoons in smoothies, teas, drinks, yogurt, or any other food.

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Mangosteen is called “The Queen of Fruits”. It is a tasty and healthy exotic fruit grown in the tropical climates. Mangosteen powder contains dozens of xanthones, also known as “super antioxidants”. Because of the incomparable, sweet taste and fragrant aroma of the mangosteen, it is widely regarded as the tastiest fruit in the world.

Delicious slightly purple

Mangosteen fruit powder made from 100% Mangosteen. It’s unlike other mangosteen powders that are brownish because we only use the juicy sweet flesh fruits, not the bitter mangosteen shell. This’s nice, slightly sweet-smelling, light colour powder for a healthy smoothie and drinks.


Colour pigment: Light white

Ingredients: Mangosteen Fruit Powder and Dextrose

Processed in: Germany – Country of Origin: Germany

Dietary & Allergy Info: Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Vegan | Natural | GMO Free

Net weight: 75g/ 2.65oz