Pink Pitaya powder

Pink Pitaya powder


Our pink pitaya powder or pink dragon fruits powder is specially freeze-dried to preserve flavor, nutritients and beautiful natural pink colour for your special charm smoothie and drinks.

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Dragon fruit/ Pink pitaya or the scientific name “Hylocercus costaricensis” is the fruit of a climbing cactus.

Origin, characteristics and taste

This exotic fruit is native of the south of Mexico. Today, it is cultivated mainly in South America and Asia. The pitaya is the fruit of the forest cactus. The flowers are up to 30 cm long, blooming only for one night, with an aromatic and jasmine-like scent. From the flowers to the fruits, which become up to 15 cm long and have a white or red/pink pulp. The dried slices of dragon fruit pulp are durable for about one year.

The taste of dragon fruit slices can be described as refreshing and fruity sweet. The sweetness is very pleasant and the fruit contains more glucose than fructose. The pulp is fiber free and the seeds make the dragon fruit special charm and eatable.

The valuable ingredients

A fresh pitaya consists of about 90% water, low sugar content and quite low in calories. It has phosphorus, calcium, vitamin C, B and E, which is important as an antioxidant. This fruit is a good source of nutrients which are very beneficial for our health such as:

  • High fiber for excretion and relieve constipation
  • Balance the bacteria in the intestine
  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Weight control because of low calorie.

The dried fruit can be enriched all year round for the diet, because the fresh and ripe fruits are not so often available, usually it’s quite expensive and often immature. Due to its colorful appearance – a pink shade, it is use for fruit salads, decorate dishes, pink ice-cream, pink dessert, pink snack, popular pink smoothies and natural pink-food coloring.

*If you eat a dragon fruit weight of 100 grams, the body will get 12.4 grams of carbohydrates, protein, 1.4 grams of phosphorus, 32 milligrams of calcium, 9 milligrams of vitamin C, 7 milligrams of energy, 66 kilocalories of fiber and 2.6 grams of fiber and other substances.


Ingredients: Freeze Dried Pink Pitaya Powder & Dextrose

Botanical Name: Hylocereus coastaricensis

Country of Origin: Germany (Dextrose), China (Pink Pitaya) | Processed in: Germany

Storage Instructions: Dry, Cool & Dark Conditions

Dietary & Allergy Info: Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Vegan | Natural | GMO Free

Net Weight: 100g/3.52oz