100% Hibiscus Flower Powder

100% Hibiscus Flower Powder


The hibiscus flower powder is a production of 100% natural ground hibiscus and it’s as the basis for a hibiscus blossom infusion, natural food coloring, latte and tea. Hibiscus blossoms are rich in various fruit acids, vitamin C, anthocyanins (flower dyes), pectins and essential oils. Beauty and still healthy!

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Our hibiscus flowers are immediately air-dried after harvesting and well protected from insects. The hibiscus blossoms originate from controlled cultivation and are free from pollutants. They are rich in various fruit acids, vitamin C, anthocyanin (flower dyes), pectin and essential oil.

The hibiscus flowers are mostly used as tea; 2 teaspoons of hibiscus blossoms are poured with 500 ml of boiling water. Leave the hibiscus tea for 10 minutes. But you can easy mix hibiscus powder in hot water to serve as a normal tea as well because the taste of power and flower are similar. Pure hibiscus tastes pleasantly sour and has beautiful clear red color.

Colour pigment: Red

Ingredients: 100% Natural Hibiscus Powder

Country of Origin: Germany

Storage Instructions: Dry, Cool & Dark Conditions

Dietary & Allergy Info: 100% natural, pure, no GMO, vegan, raw and gluten free

Net Weight: 75g/2.6oz