Honey Powder

Honey Powder


Honey is really delicious and taste fine in hot and cold drinks, smoothie bowl, variety of dishes and snack. The benefits of honey are not only useful for our natural sweet drink and food but also lot of health benefits. Our honey powder is another form of natural honey that you can use it easier, still tasteful and nice to storage.

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Honey is the first natural sweeteners that humans use as food before sugar is consumed. Natural honey is the only food in this world that is not spoiled or rotten. Honey contains sugar. But sugar in honey is different from the white sugar we often use for food and drinks in daily life. True honey is composed of pure sugar, which means the natural sugars that found in honey help regulate/control blood sugar levels.

Honey is packed with antioxidant, incredible vitamins and minerals. It is a source of multi vitamins, which is beneficial to the skin. It also strengthens the immune system and rich in calcium, iron. One tablespoon of honey contains about 17 carbohydrates grams in complex carbohydrates rich in glucose and fructose from nature, which the body can absorb this energy into the blood vessels quickly, resulting in the body recover from fatigue.

Honey consists of various sugars 80-85%. Single molecule sugars in honey has glucose and fructose. The other group is the double molecule sugar, namely the isotope, lactose, sucrose, and complex sugars dextrose, which means that the body can be used it immediately. Furthermore, Honey has antimicrobial properties, hydrogen peroxide and antioxidant, which inhibit the growth of bacteria.


Benefits of Honey

– Protect the skin from being destroyed by UV

– Helps combat and reduce arthritis. If you drink regularly

– Helps to restore the skin and keep your skin youthful.

– Helps to sleep. Because honey is a mild sedative

– Honey cure cough, sore throat, reduce sputum and asthma

– Help to moisturize the skin

– Properties that help fight free radicals

– Helps get rid of pimples and facial skin


How much honey should we eat per day?

Actually, there are no specified quantity for sure enough, how much honey that would be suitable for everyone. It depends on the lifestyle, diet, health condition and behavior of each person. Normally, it is safe to eat about 6 teaspoons or 2 tablespoons, or if more than that, it should not exceed 10 teaspoons because in each day we have already got sugar from another food, fruit, drinks and sweets as well.

Honey is a high sugar content. So even though “Honey is very useful,” but it should not be consumed “honey” in excess. (Even natural honey) because it may increase your blood sugar. Especially with diabetic patients. You have to be very careful. Even though honey taste sweet but if you take in the right amount, it is beneficial for your health and not harmful to diabetics.


Colour pigment: light cream colour

Ingredients: Honey

Processed and packed: Germany

Storage Instructions: Dry, Cool & Dark Conditions

Dietary & Allergy Info: Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Vegan | Natural | GMO Free

Net Weight: 50g/ 1.8oz