100% Natural Powdered Carrots

100% Natural Powdered Carrots


Our natural orange carrot powder is 100% raw natural powder – no added ingredients. It’s easy to use and perfect  for muesli, porridge, yogurt, smoothie bowls, drinks as natural orange food dye.

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Dried carrots count to healthy raw food. This product contains, in principle, everything that a nutrition-conscious person needs for a good diet. It suitable for every salad and food creation as a crispy healthy topping.

Carrots in principle are very good as we known, which means, not only fresh carrots but also dried powder carrots do not require any added sugar. This product contains a certain amount of natural sweetness from home, so it tastes very pleasant.

On the other hand, the dried carrot is practical easy to use in the kitchen and can keep it much longer than the (non-dried) fresh carrot. Moreover, storage is therefore much easier and can later be used very easily, healthy as an accompaniment/refinement to many dishes.


Colour pigment: Orange

Ingredients: 100% Natural Carrot Powder

Country of Origin: Germany

Storage Instructions: Dry, Cool & Dark Conditions

Dietary & Allergy Info: 100% natural, pure, no GMO, vegan, raw and gluten free.

Net Weight: 100g/ 3.52oz