100% Blackberry Powder

100% Blackberry Powder


Spray-dried blackberries to the finest powder with high quality from Germany. Blackberry powder is not only an all natural purple food color but also infuse your foods with a delicious blackberry flavor and beautiful colour!

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Blackberry are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, E, folate, fiber, anthocyanidins and bioflavonoids, which help keep blood vessels healthy, strengthen and revitalize collagen in our body. Bioflavonoids are found in red and purple berries such as raspberries and blackberry.

100% blackberry powder is nice choice for smoothies, latte, pastries, cereals, porridge, yoghurt, smoothies, bowls, noodles, drinks, for delicious ice cream or for coloring everything that you’d love. And you can enjoy the wonderful blackberry taste all year round.

Ingredients: blackberries, carrier: maltodextrin, acidity regulator: E-330 citric acid

Processed in: Germany | Country of Origin: Germany | Method: Spray dried

Storage Instructions: Dry, Cool & Dark Conditions

Dietary & Allergy Info: Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Vegan | Natural | GMO Free

Net Weight: 40g/1.4oz