Rainbow popsicles

Rainbow popsicles
August 30, 2018 Stefan

We’re skipping the ice cream truck for the hot day and going straight for homemade popsicle with antioxidant-packed and healthy fat-free frozen snack.

“Ice cream” and “popsicle” are one of the most popularity dessert for all ages and everywhere in the whole world. Eating ice cream is perfect for summer day and really enjoy to taste it!

In the market has variety types of ice cream and most of them contain lot of sugar, chemical, artificial food coloring, depending on the raw materials used. Homemade ice cream is perfect for your healthy lifestyle because you can choose all ingredients by yourself and create your desired ice/ popsicles form. You can be sure that your ice made from natural ingredients such as natural coloring, fruits, herbs, less sugar and get their natural sweetness from nutritious fruit and honey.

Ice Cream, some people think it comes from the West, but actually it’s from in China. They made it from snow and mixed with fruit juice. Until the 13th century, Marco Polo went to China and took the recipe back to Italy and the milk was added to Italian’s ice cream recipes. Sometime later ice cream was widespread in Italy, France and across to England. The original gelatin ice cream belongs to the Italian, which was so popular in France during the 16th century and it crossed over to the United States and around the world in the early 17th century.

Here is one of super simple plus healthy popsicles feature healthy ingredients, which full of nutrients and flavor that you can make it at home.




  • 2 cups coconut milk
  • 1-2 tbs Honey /Syrup /natural sweetener
  • 1 tsp Pink pitaya powder
  • 1 tsp Butterfly pea powder
  • 1 tsp Dunallina Salina Powder
  • 1 tsp Spinach powder
  • Ice mold




  • Boil coconut milk in pot
  • Combine the warm coconut milk with a tablespoons honey and stir together
  • Pour the coconut milk into several cups and mix with each Latte powder food colorings
  • Mix all colors well and leave it cool down
  • Pour the first color mixture evenly among 3-4 popsicles. Freeze for 10-15 minutes in fridge until set and put ice sticks in popsicles
  • Pour another color mixture evenly on top of the first freeze mixture. Leave for another 15 minutes and then add another color layer afterwards
  • Freeze overnight or until solid
  • If you want to enjoy a popsicle, just place the mold under the water for about 15 seconds and the popsicle should come right out.



These refreshing dairy-free treats are easy to make, still have healthy fats and look super colorful! Popsicle is good for summer to eat and it is also beneficial to our health with natural ingredients. You can try to add another beloved fruit, natural colors and another desired ingredient. Let’s eat some homemade popsicle and enjoy them to your love one. Isn’t it bad, right?

How to storage:

After your popsicles are frozen, you can storage them in freezer. The storage temperature should be in the range of -5 to -23 degrees Celsius. Yummy!




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